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Domed lid

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The domed cover is an indispensable element for summer cafes, coffee houses and various events. It allows you to protect you from spilling the contents of the glass.

The domed cover with the opening for the tubes from the manufacturer Optipak is high quality and safe for health as we manufacture it from polystyrene (PS) and biodegradable plastic (PLA). Any polymer in our products is not harmful to the environment.

Our company manufactures lids for coffee and cold drink cups as well as for food storage. Their cost depends on the desired quantity for wholesale.

Order products from Optipak on our website.

Advantages of a domed lid 

The most important thing to focus on is environmental friendliness and affordability. Domed lids are made of high quality plastic (PET). Once applied, they are recyclable, which is relevant at the moment.

Among the main benefits:

  • the domed lid does not melt, does not spoil the taste of any drink. This allows you to fully enjoy the content.
  • eliminates the risk of spilling the drink. Which is vital in the fast pace of the city.
  • protects the contents from small debris if you leave it somewhere temporarily.

The product manufactured by our company allows you to create a comfortable environment at work, outing or picnic. And for business,using lids increases profitability and the number of customers,especially if you order them in bulk.

In our product catalogue you can also choose lids for coffee cups, hot and cold drinks in different volumes.

Production of plastic domed lids 

Production of plastic lids is carried out entirely at Optipak’s facilities. All products conform to international standards.

In production we use:

  • polystyrene (PS)
  • biodegradable plastic (PLA).
  • They are suitable for contact with foodstuffs and these materials have no harmful effects on the environment or humans.

Domed lids have a high degree of fit to the cup, which is tested and verified in production. This ensures safety and reliability against spillage.

We take an individual approach to every order and check thoroughly at the time of shipment. It is possible to order engraving or logo.

Order a batch of domed lids

You can order a batch of domed lids in any way convenient for you:

  • contact the manager on the specified number on the website;
  • through the “call back” form.
  • In any selected option, our specialist will contact you to clarify the details of the order. We have favorable wholesale prices that will allow your business to grow and make profitable purchases of disposable products.

There is also a self-delivery in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa. We carry out delivery all over Ukraine through various carriers and have courier delivery by prior arrangement.