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Egg tray

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Plastic tray for eggs buy wholesale in Ukraine

The plastic egg tray is a specially shaped tray divided into cells for stacking each egg one by one. Such packaging must necessarily ensure the integrity and safety of the product. And since eggs are very fragile products, the container must be robust and reliable, so that the goods packed in it are not damaged.

Optipak” company is a manufacturer of various polymer products for business and home use (egg trays, glasses, plates, lids, various containers for nuts, berries, etc. ).

We produce plastic egg containers that meet high quality standards, suitable for single-use and multi-use.

Advantages of plastic egg trays

Egg trays made of plastic have overtaken their paper counterparts in popularity. And all because their use is more profitable in both the short and long term.

Plastic egg trays, which produces our company, has several advantages. These include:

  • Durability. The packaging is made of dense plastic, which is well resistant to various mechanical effects (pressure, shock). This minimizes the risk of breaking eggs.
  • Hygiene. Plastic significantly outperforms paper trays in this regard. It can be used repeatedly, but will need to be washed periodically. You can’t do that with paper products.
  • Robust locking design. Each container closes securely and you have to make an effort to open it. Spontaneous opening is excluded.
  • Price. It is not high, because the cost of production and raw materials is not high.
  • Resistance to wear and tear. Both the container itself and the locking structure have no problem with enduring repeated use.

Appearance. Transparent container allows you to assess the quality of the eggs that are inside it. But even without that, the appearance is more attractive compared to paper.

Plastic trays for quail and chicken eggs

At the production facilities of our company “Optipak” produced tray under the quail eggs, as well as under the chicken. We use high quality raw materials specifically designed for the manufacture of containers suitable for contact with food.

If you are interested in a plastic tray for quail eggs, you can buy it in large quantities. We are a large manufacturer of such products and wholesaler. Retail is not available. The situation is the same with the chicken egg trays.

Rest assured, buying goods in large batches is much more profitable. First of all, you save on shipping anyway, since you have to deliver the goods once. And you’ll be using the supplies longer.

Secondly, our products are of high quality, which means that you will not lose anything if you have a reserve for the future.

Thirdly, we are interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. Therefore, always looking for compromises and an individual approach in cooperation with each client. For example, if you have ordered from us several times and decided to buy again, plastic egg trays or other goods can be delivered to you for free.

How do you order egg trays?

Our company is a reliable business partner for many poultry farms and farms. Ordering from us a plastic tray for eggs, you also get a quality product that will help you professionally perform packaging of eggs and transport them even over long distances without damage. We accept orders for any quantity of packages. Buy egg trays wholesale and retail you can in the company Optipak.

If you need to buy egg trays in bulk, call our manager. With him you can negotiate the terms of cooperation, the amount of goods, delivery dates, prices, etc. Goods in large quantities we have in stock, and stored in warehouses.

In the event that you need, for example, packaging for quail eggs in bulk, but it is not in stock in the required quantity, we stipulate the terms in which you need to make it, and go to work. The ordered goods will be delivered to you on time.

Our production has the equipment necessary to stick the plastic containers for eggs. There is a possibility of inscription on the box by embossing. Also, we can order the service of printing stickers or design packaging.

Delivery of wholesale and retail orders of plastic packaging for food is carried out in Ukraine: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Odessa and other cities.

Order plastic packaging for chicken and quail eggs in “Optipak” – we will help you get quality trays and save your purchasing budget.

  • ❓ What material for making egg trays do we use?

    Material polystyrene PS or PLA. It is a safe biodegradable food-grade plastic.

  • 💰 Price and minimum order for an egg tray?

    The price of one piece 1. 30 UAH. Sale from 1 box (1100 pcs. ). Check the terms and conditions with the manager.

  • ❓ Why choose Optipak?

    ⭐Proven quality ⭐Wholesale prices ⭐Big experience in manufacturing ⭐Fast delivery in Ukraine