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Plastic cups

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Plastic cups – an indispensable aid for fast food cafes

The appearance of this type of disposable tableware in the market has changed the organization of service, making it easier, faster and more accessible to the end consumer. Plastic cups are practical, lightweight and durable. Their area of application is very wide. For the organization of any outside event, they will also become essential.

Plastic cups are widely used due to a number of their advantages:

  • have a light weight (which makes them easy to transport);
  • hygienic (as they are only used once, after which they are sent for recycling);
  • Practical and versatile (can be used for filling various products and beverages);
  • low price (due to low cost of raw materials for production).

Plastic cups are made of polypropylene or PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).  The materials are suitable for food contact and are not harmful to human health. High quality raw materials are used in the production, which makes the product durable and reliable.

Buy plastic cups for coffee, tea and other drinks conveniently in bulk at the best price from Optipak plastic goods manufacturer. The indispensability of plastic cups is indisputable. They are indispensable attribute demanded in the coffee shop, shop, office, home. Plastic cups make it easy to organize parties, picnics, and banquets. Widely used plastic cups in public catering – coffee shops, fast food delivery, fast food cafes.

Optipak is always ready to offer the best options for disposable attributes and accessories for businesses and individuals.

Buy disposable plastic cups you can self-delivery from the warehouse or order online with delivery to other localities in Ukraine. All items are carefully packaged before shipment and sent to the customer’s address safe and sound.

Cups are differentiated by several criteria. In order to choose the right product, it is necessary to decide for what purpose it will be used.

  • For lemonade, smoothies, cocktails and other drinks, 500 ml plastic cups are the best choice. They allow you to take your drinks with you and drink them on the go through a straw.
  • For packing berries, nuts, salads, a 300 ml plastic cup or a 420 ml cup with a dome lid will do.
  • Plastic cups with a small volume dome lid are available for packing desserts.

Putting your logo on plastic cups will make you stand out from the competition and make you, your establishment that you provide, more memorable.

Disposable cups with lid OPTIPAK

Manufacturer of plastic tableware OPTIPAK is engaged in the production of all kinds of plastic cups and their wholesale.

Here you can buy plastic cups in bulk, as well as various plastic products. You can also purchase plastic dome lids for glasses from us.

For regular and bulk buyers we offer favorable terms and pleasant prices. Feel free to contact us by phone: ☎ +38 (063)-129-73-96 to learn more. We will be glad to cooperate!

Another interesting and great service is available – branding (application of client’s logo or desired inscription on lids/plastic cups/tubes).

To order a plastic cups under the dome lid is very simple – send a request through the form on the website or call listed on the website, also there is an opportunity to contact us by e-mail address. From Kiev we deliver goods to any destination in Ukraine.

  • ❓ What kind of cup material do you use?

    Material polystyrene PS or PLA. It is a safe biodegradable food-grade plastic. The products have a beautiful, glossy surface. The cups have high stiffness and high tensile strength.

  • 💰 Price and minimum order for cups?

    💰 Sales begin from 1 box (1000 pieces), the price of a cup from 1. 80 UAH. Please, contact our manager for more details +38 (050)-325-37-44

  • 💎 Do you customize the cups?

    We develop a unique design. We apply any images, logos and make plastic cups 🍵 to custom order. Plastic cups with the logo is a great way to stand out from the crowd, to make memorable the name for your cafe, chain cafe, confectionery, coffee shop.

  • ❓ Why choose OPTIPAK.COM.UA?

    • ⭐ Proven quality
    • ⭐ Wholesale prices
    • ⭐ Big experience in production
    • ⭐ Fast delivery in Ukraine