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Lids for paper cups

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Production of plastic lids for coffee cups

Disposable paper cups with a lid are a standard set for any coffee shop. You can buy lids for paper cups with delivery in Ukraine of all sizes for glasses of any volume and different colors from the manufacturer Optipak. Optipak plastic lid manufacturer will provide different products for coffee shops, stalls, restaurants and necessary products for away events or picnics. There are lids for the cups with a drinker and special lids with the tubes.

Cup lids make our lives more comfortable. Since man in today’s world is always short of time, everyone is chasing productivity and speed – coffee to go has gained great popularity, along with it the need for a coffee cup lid to safely carry coffee and hot drinks.

Lids for paper and plastic disposable cups from the manufacturer Optipak: heat-resistant and suitable for both cold and hot food. Distinguishable on several counts:

  • diameter;
  • shape (flat or domed);
  • with or without a drinking hole;
  • color (it can be chosen according to your taste).

The products are made of impact-resistant polystyrene. The material is safe for human health and suitable for contact with foodstuffs, hot and cold. Applicable for both non-alcoholic liquids and liquids containing alcohol. Environmentally friendly and recyclable. Its flexibility ensures a snug fit to the rim of the cup, preventing drips.

Benefits of using our products

First of all it is practicality, low cost and hygienic products.

Plastic cup lids prevent the liquid inside from splashing out. Quality disposable tableware ensures that your recreation or trip won’t be ruined. In nature you can be sure that no insects or sand will fly into the dishes, and hot coffee or tea will not get cold before time. Fast food cafes have become indispensable and solved a number of inconveniences such as crowded halls and long queues.

Lids for paper cups from the manufacturer OPTIPAK

Our company manufactures and sells wholesale lids that meet all of the above requirements. The range is available:

  • lid 68 mm;
  • lid 70, 71, 72, 75, 77, 79 mm;
  • lid 80, 81, 82, 88, 89 mm;
  • lid 90 and 93 mm.

You can buy plastic covers of any diameter. The price will depend on the diameter: the wider it is, the more expensive it is. Not only different diameters but also different lid colors are available for bulk orders. In addition, we can apply your personal logo to the lids of the drinkers, allowing you to stand out from the competition. This same service is also available for our other products.

Send your logo in vector format to our e-mail info@optipak. com. ua, ask for details of the order and in 2-3 weeks wait for your logo.

  • ❓ What kind of lid material do you use?

    Material is a polystyrene PS or PLA. It is a safe biodegradable food-grade plastic. The products have a beautiful, glossy surface. The glasses have high stiffness and high tensile strength.

  • 💰 Cost and minimum order for paper cup lids?

    Sale from 1 box (2500 pcs), retail price from 1,20 UAH. Please, contact our manager for more details +38 (050)-325-37-44

  • 💎 Do you customize lids?

    Yes, we apply logos and make lids in any color. Engrave your logo to your cup lids and you'll see an immediate improvement in customer perception of your establishment. Having a logo will not only affect brand recognition, but will also increase customer confidence. The form is individual.

  • ❓ Why choose OPTIPAK.COM.UA?

    • ⭐Proven quality
    • ⭐Wholesale prices
    • ⭐Big experience in production
    • ⭐Fast delivery in Ukraine