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PP Extrusion Tape (Polypropylene)

  • Colour Any
  • Width 780 mm
  • Thickness up to 1 mm

Why polypropylene tape is needed

PP-tape is a modern material, relevant in many industries. We produce plastic products from it in our facilities by means of thermoforming. The material has many unique characteristics that have made it popular.

Advantages of polypropylene tape

Among the advantages of PP-tapes are:

high durability, wear resistance (especially in case of impact and other mechanical impacts);

no reaction to chemicals;

immunity to atmospheric phenomena;

minimum gas and vapour permeability;

Economical material consumption due to its elasticity;

maximum tensile capacity without changing the width parameters;

injury prevention;


Features, characteristics and applications

The film has a thickness of 0. 4 – 1. 8 mm and a core diameter of 76, 150, 152 or 200 mm. The marking PP and PS indicates the use of food-grade plastic, which is strong and safe for human health.

We strictly adhere to technological standards and use modern equipment for production. Food-grade plastic is processed by automated thermoforming. The raw material is heated, shaped and cut on a special machine. The characteristics of the material must be chosen according to the specification of the equipment and the organization of the forming line which is located in the production.

How to order?

To order the extrusion tape – leave your request and the manager will calculate your price. Buy a profitable wholesale roll width of 300-800 mm. A competent specialist will help to determine the choice.